Persian & Exotic Shorthair

Salem, Oregon

Exotic Shorthair and persian kittens

Exotic Shorthair and persian kittens

Exotic Shorthair and persian kittens Exotic Shorthair and persian kittens

Adoption information


Our Breeding Practices & Prices

We are a small hobby breeder.  Our goal is to have the healthiest cats & kittens possible, and to produce kittens that exceed the CFA Exotic Shorthair breed standard.  Kittens that are not kept for our breeding program, are offered as pets to loving homes & pay off some of the expenses in raising the kittens.  Raising healthy cats/kittens is very expensive & time consuming.  

Pet kitten prices are $2500-$2800, kittens that don't quite meet breed standard may be less & kittens with exceptionally rare qualities, more.  Prices are based on pedigree, quality, & rarity in pattern color & eye-color.  We have been working with the the elusive Odd-eye & Blue-eyed genes. Most kittens are reserved well in advance.  A deposit can be placed on a kitten that you would like to purchase to reserve it & hold it until they are old enough to be rehomed.  The deposit is $500, & non-refundable.  During this time, I am turning away other good homes for the kitten.  Make sure that you can meet this commitment of purchasing the kitten, before placing the deposit.  I reserve the right to cancel the sale at anytime (though would only do this if absolutely necessary) and will return the deposit if I cancel.  

What Makes Our Kittens Different

Every cat that enters our breeding program has been throughly tested for illnesses and excluded if they have a genetic condition.  We put a lot of time and expense in to making sure we are producing the healthiest, highest quality kittens for sale as possible.  Please take a look at our Health Warranty & Contract

Because we purchase and use only the highest quality, tested breeding cats, it will greatly reduce the number of issues showing up later in the kittens we place. ​Our kittens come with an extensive health guarantee & are FIV/FeLV, PKD  negative, & parents are tested for many illnesses and are regularly seen by a vet.  We would never place kittens in their new homes with fungus, fleas or parasites. 

Whats included With a Kitten

  • Copy of the vet health checkup
  • Up to date wormings & vaccinations 
  • Resources for ordering kitten products online
  • Follow-up support for each new family
  • We provide a list of books with great information on how to integrate your new kitten.
  • Blanket with Momma & sibling scents
  • Information on care and grooming
  • A kitten pack, which varies, but includes toys, some of the food they are eating, and starter packs of grooming products


 We are in compliance with the new regulations of a max of 4 breeding females, and so, we are able to ship in the US and overseas, however, I want the new owners to pick up the kitten in person from me in Salem, Oregon.  I am currently only selling kittens in the US & Canada.  If you are flying in from out of state, people fly in to Portland, Oregon. We can discuss me transporting if there is no way you can pick up the kitten. 

What Goes Into Taking Care of Kittens

I spend my time (that isn't with family, at school, or at work) hugging and squeezing kittens and our cats, litter training, and weaning kittens.  Every morning and evening I am caring for my cats and kittens, dumping and scrubbing, disinfecting litter boxes, washing kitten bedding, cleaning up accidents, preparing their meals, and cleaning them and their area up after meals, cleaning their living areas, bathing, blowdrying, taking them to their vet checks, bottle feeding, order their food, picking up their food, returning emails, updating my website, fb page, taking photos, loading them, and sending out to the new owners, staying in contact with previous kitten buyers, and so on.  

When I take photos, I take several hundred to get a few good ones of each kitten.  It's a long process of bathing kittens, hoping for sunlight, setting up, taking photos, uploading, editing and sending out. I have my hands full :) I will send updates and photos or video every 2 weeks, and return emails once a week.

Home Visits

Unfortunately, we do not allow home visits. I have heard too many horror stories from other breeders about allowing visitors into their homes.  There are many illnesses that can come into our homes when visitors come to see if they are interested in a kitten.  I am very concerned with the health of my cats and kittens and run many tests and screening prior to allowing a cat into my home.  Kittens are highly susceptible to illness, and don't even start to form their own immunities to the most common viruses until after their second vaccine and that is around 11-12 weeks old.