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Everyone loves Darlington. Her personality is as sweet as she is adorable. Couldn't be more grateful for you Tianna , and Mr. Whiskers cattery, for bestowing us with such a beautiful and loving creature.

Hailey Bennett (Darlington's Owner - Los Angles, CA)

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Tiahna is the best cat breeder ever! Not only does she breed the most beautiful and sweetest exotic shorthair and Persian kitties, she is the most passionate and professional breeder one could encounter! I got the love of my life from her a few months ago, and he's the sweetest thing ever. Not only is he super affectionate, he's one of the most gorgeous exotic shorthair kitties I have ever seen (I grew up with 14 cats, and many of them are exotic shorthair). He's of perfect health and was very well cared for by Tiahna.

I had many questions, from inquiring about the cattery to specifics about feeding and grooming. Tiahna always answered my questions promptly and in detail. She's very resourceful and provided me many useful tips and information. She also has a helpful and detailed care info sheet that covers everything you need to know: from feeding to grooming. She sends photos and updates of your reserved kitty regularly, and she takes great photos that can go on the covers of cat magazines!

Tiahna truly cares about her cats and her customers. She checks in regularly even after months you have picked up your kitty. She is so knowledgeable and you know you get the best quality of kitties with her expertise, great love, and care. She treats her customers equally respectful and courteous, even for the ones who are just making initial inquiries.

I can't recommend Mr. Whiskers Cattery enough. I think it should definitely be everyone's go-to cattery for the most gorgeous and sweetest kitties.

​-Henry's Owner (New York)

Cookie (Maddie)


Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that Noel -- we're calling her Maddie at the moment to see if it sticks -- is doing really, really well.  Today we had a milestone, with Mickey and her eating a meal next to each other with no hissing or drama.  Yay!  She is loads of fun and such a sweet girl.  She is EXTREMELY smart, always active, and is going to make a terrific hunter in our outdoor, completely enclosed pen someday (she's way too small right now to go out there, but sometimes mice, frogs and shrews can be caught in there, and she's going to be a killer when she gets to that point).  She's watching the fish tank right now.  She is such a joy! We are so in love with her, and when she's not sleeping, we fool with her every minute, playing with her and petting her and getting her used to being combed and cleaned.  She has such a huge personality, and we are over the moon to have her!  Thank you again!   

Best wishes, Jill & Sally (Maddie's Owners - Maple Valley, WA)  



I just wanted to thank you for giving us the privilege to bring Claire into our family. She has such a sweet and outgoing personality (We will be renaming her Sumiko, Sumi in short--in Japanese it means ink, since she looks like she has a couple of big ink spots on her)  

The flight home was good and she's so friendly that she even let the TSA lady hold her and took a photo with her. Everyone loves her, they all say, "oh my goodness, so cute".  She came home and immediately started exploring the house. She is super cuddly and she purrs so contently when we pet her. She started kneading on my head the first so sweet.  We have all fallen in love with her.  I took her to the vet yesterday and she did well. You have definitely raised and prepared her well to transition to a new home. THANK YOU!  

And a second note, Miso (O'Malley) has been really really good in getting along with Sumi. He is very very gentle with her. He's more shy and she's the adventurous one! He follows her around and is sharing his toys with her too (more standing on the side and watching her play). In due time, I'm sure the 2 will play well together.   

I'm enclosing a few photos for you, hope you enjoy them.  Have a blessed week and it was so nice seeing you and your daughter on Saturday, - Sumiko's Owner (California)



Thanks for the email! Miso's doing great, he's currently lying by my feet fast asleep haha. He is everything I ever hoped for and so so so much more! He sleeps right by my head every night, and is the sweetest cat I've ever met. He starts purring almost the moment I start putting him, and he charms everyone that comes to visit :) Miso's perfect! My parents also fell in love with him, and they spoil him with attention and try to bribe him to sleep in their bed at night haha. He's getting to be one spoiled cat! ;)

I couldn't get him neutered until this past week due to the holidays, but it's finally done! I'll ask the vet for a copy of his neuter paperwork and email it to you as soon as possible.

Thank you again so much for Miso, he is the perfect kitty! You've raised the sweetest most handsome little boy, and I feel so lucky to have him in my life! :)

Natalie (Miso's Owner - California)  Follow Miso on IG! @misofurry



Hi Tiahna,
I just wanted to take a second and tell you what a wonderful cat Blizzard is. He is funny and friendly, not afraid of our dog. Loves the grandchildren all and all he is FABULOUS!!!  
​Thanks again,
Blizzie's owner (Oregon)


Vera Meat Mr. Whiskers Cattery Mera Odd-Eyed bicolor Persian

Hello There, here is my review for Mera, my assistant was suppose to send it earlier but didn't:
I just wanted to take a moment to say how sweet, intelligent, photogenic and soulful my kitten Mera is.  She has been an adorable baby kitten who is blossoming into a stunning, kind and playful cat.  Her demeanor is docile yet alert and I could not be more pleased with this little treasure.  Tiahna is truly a wonderful breeder, kind person and it shows in her loving and healthy kitties.  I feel so lucky to have Mera, she is the absolute perfect addition to my family! Want to thanks Tiahna from the bottom of my heart for bringing this treasure into my life! 

Vera Meat
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​New York

AKA "Hosanna" Odd-Eyed, Bicolor Persian - Model for Vera Meat Jewelry 



Coco (Gloria) is the best cat I've ever owned. I grew up with a lot of cats & she is very special. That is thanks to you and the loving care you gave her in her first 3 months. Mr. Whiskers takes wonderful care of their kittens. Coco knew right away how to use her litter box and adjusted with my husband and I with in the first day. She sleeps with us every night and we couldn't imagine life with out her. 

 (Coco's Owner - LA, CA)  Follow Coco on Instagram! @jesselbaumshanahan 

Earnest Cotton


Ernest is a ray of sunshine. His little face lights me up. I feel so protective over him it's crazy. I can definitely see that he is confused. More than Darlington was. She was super spritely and affectionate right away. I hated that airport ride and all the noise. I wanted to scream for everyone to shut up. It was nice when Andrew flew. Such a peaceful environment. I'm afraid he got spooked. He spent the night under a little sofa we have in our bedroom and I woke up super early to connect with him. He has snuggled and been purring a couple times since then. I made him a little bed on the floor beside me with his blankey. I can tell he likes that. I want to make him as comfortable as possible and hopefully he will trust me soon. He did pee on top of bed last night when I had my back turned. I direct him to the litter box but I'm not sure he likes it or is catching on. Any tips would be helpful. I hope Ophelia is okay. At least she has her momma, Coraline. Time heals all. I wish I could take his anxiety away and tell him how safe he is and that his sibling loves him❤️ 


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Little Bear


She's soooo adorable. She looks half bear half cat. I originally wanted to name her Ursa Minor and call her "Ursa" for short but, no one liked the name. Everyone thought it was too similar to "Ursula" from The Little Mermaid :(  I certainly did not want there to be any confusion so we named her Little Bear. She has brought so much joy to our life.  We just LOVE her!...We are trying not to over feed her. Trevin has trouble saying no to her cute face! Little Bear has a ton of energy. Even while I've been in bed for the last week, we play ball together. We hit it back and forth to each other on the bed. She also has a purple Gorilla that she likes to take with her everywhere. She puts it in her mouth and brings it on the bed and likes to sleep with it. I could ramble on forever about all the funny and cute things she constantly does. I know your busy, so I will stop! ;)

Thanks again for bringing Little Bear into our life. Trevin and I love her to pieces! She's such a Star!! Thank you for giving so much love and care to your kitties! We are truly blessed to have a wonderful cat as Little Bear. 

Little Bear's Owner (Texas)



Oh my goodness, Oscar is doing amazing!  He seems so comfortable here already!  He is such a sweet, happy baby.  You’ve obviously taken wonderful care of him.  He is beautiful and has a loving, charming personality.  He purrs instantly when we love on him.  My entire family is head over heels!  Yesterday, we were a little concerned about the ride home, but Oscar sat on my daughter’s lap and purred for nearly the entire ride home!  He is an absolute delight and we can’t thank you enough!

...Just wanted you to know I took Oscar to our vet this morning, and of course he checked out perfectly!  He’s such a beautiful, healthy, happy boy!!!  Everyone in there, including the veterinarian fell in love with him, and wanted me to leave him there!  :)  

Thanks again for doing such an incredible job with your breeding program! Your babies are truly amazing!

Have a fabulous week!  Thanks again!

Oscar's Owner (Washington)

Ms. Fluffle Stilt Skin

Ms. Fluffle Stilt Skin

Jake Gyllenhaal
Mr. Whiskers Cattery

Hi Tiahna

Yes I’ve named her Flufflestiltskin. Fluff or Fluffle for short :)

She’s very happy here and so am I. She doesn’t like being left alone but other than that she’s been acclimating well. While I’m at work people stop in to see her so she’s never alone for too long. I am very much in love...

I wanted to give you an update. She’s doing really well adjusting to her home. She’s receiving a lot of love and meeting many friends...I had to create an Instagram page for her in order to keep mine from filling up with photos of her :)


I love her so much. Thank you again! 

Fluff's owner 

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A better, more well-loved, inquisitive, brilliant animal you will not find. This is testament to the quality of care received prior to coming to my home. He is the very essence of what the breed offers and the care given by professional committed breeders.  I am very impressed and would hope to be considered for another placement in future...Many thanks...A truly devoted fan. He's trusting and that shows how well loved he really is.  You have done an amazing job... Hello...I just brought him home.  I was thinking I would name him Bram or Moses but when I saw him I decided on Cupid.  I just felt such a pull on the heart strings...He's a beautiful boy and I love his Dad as well...He's going to be gorgeous...although he already is...I am so pleased that he's home with us.  Thank you again and again...He truly makes my heart sing.  His kitten antics are full throttle and he's loving life..."Cupids Lullaby" is a truly perfect name for him.  My heart sings every time he cuddles me and purrs...If his Dad ever needs a retirement home, he's got one here, and if you have another black...I'm your regards and please know how utterly grateful I am to have him in my life.  

Cupid's owner - Florida

Ingmar & Dot


"Hello from Ingmar...She is doing great!!! She really has the best personality. She is so mellow and adjusts to every environment smoothly. I take her with me everywhere!  She is the coolest cat I've ever met. Thank you!!!"

"It's hard to put into words how amazing Ingmar and Dot are!! Besides being incredibly beautiful,  both of these magical creatures have their own distinct and very big personalities. Ingmar is so chill and loves to be out meeting new people and new dogs!! She is very confident and adaptive. She is my sidekick!! Dot is the biggest ham I've ever met. She is very social and likes to talk. She is great to come home to because I get to hear about her day! She is a little star and knows it!! Finding Mr. Whiskers has been a blessing. Tiahna is a wonderful and caring breeder. It's important to know that my cats come from a responsible breeder, who has not only aesthetic in mind, but also truly cares about the health and wellbeing of her cats. I feel lucky to have two of her dreamy babies!! 

Christina (San Francisco)

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Hello there!  It's been awhile and I wanted to send a quick note. Well, first off, we changed his name to Baxter by the end of the first week of having him. He just looked more like a Baxter than a Sammy. :) Baxter is cuter than cute- and so playful! He made the kids' summer so much fun. Now that they are back to school, I think he's bored without them! :) I've attached a couple recent pics of him. We take pics all the time! He's a super fun and cool cat. He seems very happy and is starting to get some weight on him and he's growing so fast. We just enjoy him so much. Take Care :) 

​Baxter's Owner (Idaho)  Follow Baxter on Instagram! @just_baxter



Now that we’ve had Snowball for a month, and she’s settled nicely into our household routine, I wanted to give you an update, and thank you for providing us with such a lovey kitten. Our daughters are madly in love with her.

As you know, I researched many CFA catteries and finally narrowed down my options to Mr. Whiskers. We wanted a healthy, well-socialized kitten to add to our family. Snowball is such a darling girl. She already has us well-trained to retrieve her food, her many toys and to provide her with frequent, on-demand neck and back rubs. She purrs pretty much nonstop and (to my relief) even enjoys getting her face washed twice daily.

When our friends see her photos, or visit, they think she is a stuffed toy versus a real kitten, because she is so beautiful. Her coat is such a soft, silky, brilliant white, with no yellowing, and her eyes are absolutely gigantic. We have never seen such a pretty thing. We really appreciate her as a new member of our family.

On a side note, also, thank you for alerting us to the super-sweet female solid black kitten from your friend’s cattery. We were thrilled to pick up both kittens simultaneously, and it is fantastic that Snowball has such a great buddy. They have acclimated to each other wonderfully, and now play all day long together.

 - Snowball's Owner (Kansas)



I'm so glad you emailed us, I have been wanting to send you an update. He's been doing wonderfully! I feel like he has almost doubled in size since we picked him up! Our other exotic has welcomed him into the house beautifully, we only had one or two days where either one hissed. Now they kind of ‘pal around’ and are developing a 'big brother, little brother’ relationship. He's quite the talker too! We've really been enjoying having the little bundle of energy, he’s such a sweetheart!  Hope you and all of the kitties are doing well!

- Pugley's Owner (Washington)